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WSSN fulfilment integration


Our 3PL-partner WSSN (WebShop Service Nederland) offers its fulfillment services in processing and shipping orders. Our Buckles WSSN integration is designed to work seamlessly with the WSSN software.

The WSSN integration propagates the following data:

  • Orders
  • Products
  • Shipments
  • Stock


Any order that is created in Buckles and is ready to be processed, is also created in WSSN. Through Buckles you can keep track of the order in both the platform of origin and WSSN.

Products and stock

As soon as a product is created in your webshop, it will also be created in WSSN through Buckles in order to prepare for inbound inventory. Buckles actively monitors WSSN stock levels and propagates any changes to integrated sales channels in realtime.

Shipping rules

With the Buckles WSSN integration, it's possible to configure easy shipping rules to automatically select the right shipping method in WSSN.


As soon as WSSN creates a shipment for your order, the shipment is imported into Buckles. Buckles automatically propagates the shipment, including Track and Trace information to the order's platform of origin. This way, your customer is always up to date with their order's whereabouts.

Activating the WSSN integration

To integrate your account, register for an account at Buckles. Through our self-onboarding you can configure your WSSN integration with a few mouse clicks. Buckles will take care of everything else, and within 15 minutes your integration can be operational and ready to collect your orders. Do make sure that you have your WSSN API credentials and your Customer and Identity ID at the ready. If you don't know how to find these, your WSSN account manager can help you.

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The possibilities

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Propagate orders to WSSN

Orders that are created in Buckles and are ready to be processed will also be created in WSSN.

Update stock in Buckles

Stock mutations that are being sent bij WSSN are realtime updated in Buckles. For example, when a return is received or inbound inventory is tallied.

Update stock in WSSN

By default, Buckles does not propagate stock mutations to WSSN. WSSN is leading for your inventory levels.

Import products to Buckles

When you create a new product in WSSN, this product will also automatically be created in Buckles.

Import products to WSSN

When you create a new (draft) product in one of your sales integrations, this product will also be created in WSSN.

Import shipments to Buckles

When WSSN creates a shipment, this shipment is automatically imported to Buckles. Buckles then propagates it to the order's platform of origin.

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