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It's time to rethink e-commerce. Why connect your sales and marketing platforms with costly, custom integrations when there's a better alternative? Buckles: the new way of connecting E-commerce. Instead of connecting individual platforms with each other, you connect your e-commerce platforms with Buckles.

Buckles acts as the central data hub for all your e-commerce data. Orders, products, stock and customer profiles are imported, updated and propagated to connected platforms through the Buckles integrations. This means no costly maintenance, more possibilities to optimise your daily operations and thus more time to make your customers happy. Market places, E-fulfilment, marketing automation: everything is possible with our integrations.

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The possibilities

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Propagate orders to WICS

Orders that are created in Buckles and are ready to be processed will also be created in WICS.

Update stock in Buckles

Stock mutations that are being sent bij WICS are updated in Buckles. For example, when a return is received or inbound inventory is tallied.

Update stock in WICS

By default, Buckles does not propagate stock mutations to WICS. WICS is leading for your inventory levels.

Import products to Buckles

You. can configure the integration so that products created in WICS are also created in Buckles.

Propagate products to WICS

When you create a new (draft) product in one of your sales integrations, this product will be created in WICS.

Shipment & Tracking
Import shipment to Buckles

When WICS creates a shipment, this shipment is automatically imported to Buckles. Buckles then propagates it to the order's platform of origin.

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