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Squeezely integration

Customers, Checkouts, Orders, Products


Data formats are standardised by Buckles. That means fewer exceptions for you to deal with.

Easy to use

You can have your integration ready to go in under 15 minutes.

Do you use Squeezely to finetune and manage your customer data? You can use the Buckles Squeezely integration to easily import all your customer data into Squeezely.

The Squeezely integration propagates:

  • Customer profiles (contacts)
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Checkouts

Please note: The Buckles integration does not receive data from Squeezely. It's a one-way integration.


Buckles collects customer profiles from your sales integrations. For example when an order, abandoned cart or a newsletter subscription occurs. These profiles are propagated real-time to Squeezely..

Orders & products

Orders from sales integrations are propagated to Squeezely, together with any products. New products that you create through your sales integration are also created in Squeezely. This way, you will always have the latest product data in Squeezely to perform analysis and take action on.


If your sales integration detects an abandoned cart, the cart is propagated to Buckles. Buckles in turn propagates the abandoned cart to Squeezely, real-time.

Activate your Squeezely integration

To integrate Squeezely, register for an account at Buckles. Through our self-onboarding you can configure your Squeezely integration with a few mouse clicks. Buckles will take care of everything else, and within 15 minutes your integration can be operational and ready to collect your orders.

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The possibilities

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Propagate customers to Squeezely

Customer profiles that are created and updated in Buckles (from different integrations) are automatically propagated to Squeezely.

Import customers from Squeezely

Buckles does not receive updates to customer profiles from Squeezely.

Propagate orders to Squeezely

Buckles propagates orders real-time to Squeezely.

Propagate products to Squeezely

Products are propagated to Squeezely in orderlines, along with every order.

Propagate checkouts to Squeezely

Buckles propagates checkouts to Squeezely.

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