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Copernica integration

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It's time to rethink e-commerce. Why connect your sales and marketing platforms with costly, custom integrations when there's a better alternative? Buckles: the new way of connecting E-commerce. Instead of connecting individual platforms with each other, you connect your e-commerce platforms with Buckles.

Buckles acts as the central data hub for all your e-commerce data. Orders, products, stock and customer profiles are imported, updated and propagated to connected platforms through the Buckles integrations. This means no costly maintenance, more possibilities to optimise your daily operations and thus more time to make your customers happy. Market places, E-fulfilment, marketing automation: everything is possible with our integrations.

Copernica webshop integration

The Copernica integration allows you to control the data streams that can make or break your marketing automation success. Automatically import orders and checkouts to your database, and feedback any customer profile updates right to your shop. The integration supports the following data streams:

  • Customer profiles
  • Checkouts
  • Orders
  • Products

Customer profiles

Customer profiles that Buckles collects through your sales channels are propagated to Copernica. There, they are created as main profiles. Changes to the main profiles in Copernica, for example as a result of a marketing campaign, are immediately sent back to Buckles and from there to your sales channel. This way, all your customer profile and opt-in data is up to date across all platforms.


Buckles allows you to collect and propagate checkouts from your integrated sales channels. These checkouts are valuable for conversion campaigns, and can be managed once propagated to Copernica.

Orders en producten

As soon as an order is created in Buckles, it is propagated and created in Copernica. Orders are created in the order collection of a main profile. The order includes product information, so you always know which products a customer was interested in.

Creating a new database

When you activate the Copernica integration, Buckles automatically creates a new database for you. This database is developed by Buckles and Copernica and allows quick and easy access to all the information that's propagated to Copernica. You can immediately start with creating conversion campaigns while your database fills up with information. Interested in the exact database model? You can find the documentation in our knowledge base.

Integrating with an existing database

Are you already a Copernica customer and do you want to use the Buckles integration to send data to Buckles? While we recommend using the standard database format that Buckles provides to make sure you profit from any future upgrades to the integration, it's also possible to use the Buckles mapper to map data to your existing database.

Activate your Copernica integration

To integrate your Copernica account, register for an account at Buckles. Through our self-onboarding you can configure your integration with a few mouse clicks. Buckles will take care of everything else, and within 15 minutes your integration can be operational.

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Propagate orders to Copernica

Buckles propagates orders real-time to Copernica.

Propagate products to Copernica

Products are propagated to Copernica in orderlines along with every order.

Propagate checkouts to Copernica

Checkouts that are collected in Buckles are propagated to Copernica. Copernica's Marketing Automation tooling allows you to further act on these checkouts.

Propagate customers to Copernica

Customer profiles that are created and updated in Buckles (from different integrations) are automatically propagated to Copernica.

Import customers into Buckles

When a customer profile is updated in Copernica, for example when an opt-in status is updated, this change will automatically be imported into Buckles. Buckles will propagate it to the customer profile source of origin.

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